McFarlane Multiverse

First episode of the new year we talk Super 7 and the internet exploding over the reveal of the McFarlane Multiverse.

Touch My Bebop...

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Neca Ninja Turles, Star Wars Conspiracies and most wanted Marvel Legend talk.

Capes Make All The Difference

The latest Hasbro announcements, Force Friday adventures and why according to Nate, capes make all the difference!

Go Home Walmart you're drunk

Why is Walmart clearancing everything already and does anyone actually care about Force Friday?

 Green Hulk, Gray Hulk, Real Hulk, Fake Hulk?

Before we break down the PowerCon announcements we talk Hasbro and if the mystery Gray Hulk is real or not.

We're Baaaaaack!

We return to talk what's hitting stores now, Kickstarter, Haslabs and the rumored McFarlane DC lineup and Cory sings..

Episode 87: The Best Ever???

Cory calls many items that he brought the Best Ever while Nate busts out the tin foil hat regarding McFarlane Toys and NECA has a fan party!

Episode 68: Didja peel his head off?

Nate tells the NECA SDCC fans to settle down, Cory tells an unbelievable story and Ryan trys to keep it all on track

Man Down

In Cory's absence Nate and Ryan talk NECA's SDCC announcement, McFarlane Harry Potter and a whole lot more!


Announcement Day?

SDCC announcements, Alien Day announcements, NECA announcements, Bossfight announcements and.....Marvel Legends X-Men hit shelves