Rampant Toy Fair Speculation and Ninja Turtles

NECA Ninja Turtles are the talk of the action figure world so we break down the reasons why and then wildly speculate Toy Fair 2019


Rumors and news including NECA, DC Collectibles and Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary wave featuring Alex Ross??

Best of 2018!

Best Action Figure of the Year, Best Toy Line, Biggest Shelf warmer, Greatest Disappointment and so many more..It's all right here!  

It's only January!

Kicking off 2019 with new releases hitting from Marvel Legends, NECA and DC Collectibles...plus Multiverse finally appears

Is that a triple changer?

Fortnite hits stores, Captain Marvel and all her exclusives are coming soon and we create our own version of the Fwoosh Marvel Legends Top Ten list.

Tooling costs are a thing...or are they?

From Star Wars Black Series to DC Multiverse and even a holiday He-Man from Super 7 we talk everything hitting stores now

Limp Bizkit style...

We talk all the stuff hitting shelves now like Game Stop exclusive Spider-Man and Vintage wave 2 along with what's coming soon plus Cory rants on She-Ra!

Wait Europe has Comic Cons?

We break down the Hasbro announcements from 3 European conventions, dive head first into the "final" wave of Super 7's Masters of the Universe line and so much more

Beer Mugs & Potatoes

Movie Maniacs are returning, plus the biggest announcements from New York Comic Con and so much more!

Captain Marvel and more!

Captain Marvel debuts and starts a disagreement among the hosts, Ryan visits the Austin Toy Museum, and in Hey Found One! we hit Marvel Legends, Aquaman and more!