First Episode back and tons of Marvel Legends news

Back from hiatus we do our best to cover all the new Marvel Legends news, Gotham series 4 and so much more, including a toy topic brought up by Cory

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How not to get your kickstarter funded and other action figure news

New DC Collectibles solicits and conversation plus Super 7 Masters of the Universe news and the latest from the Dime Novel Legends kickstarter

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Force Friday part did it do?

2/3 of the group decided to brave their local toy store for Force Friday 2. Did it live up to the first one and what treasures did they come home with? Plus what recent figures deserve a re-do in the latest Toy Topic

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Interview with DC Bombshells designer Ant Lucia

Ryan gets the inside scoop on what goes into the Bombshells statue line with designer / artist Ant Lucia

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How is this even possible?

Nate's birthday show with topics ranging from Marvel Legend bootleg figures to the latest Batman Funko pop announcements

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Issues with NECA or Ain't that a kick in the dink...

The guys vent their frustration with the new Neca announcements and Nate brings us storytime

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Whats an Eagle Force?

Cory and Nate try to educate Eagle Force's new Kickstarter to Ryan, plus the latest news and rumors from the Action figure world

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Why we collect what we collect

Get to know us as we take a look at what we collect and why. Recorded live at Wizard World Columbus

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